Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Countdown Week 5: Decorate

To Do This Week:

•Write and address one-fifth of Christmas card List this week.

•Make one-fourth of gifts to make this week.

•Set up holiday tearfiles. Use tearfiles for ideas for holiday decorating. Save for next year!

•Inspect and inventory decorations. Record results on our holiday decoration inventory. Check light strands for cracked or broken bulbs. Add needed replacements to the master shopping list.

•Does your family give children new ornaments each year? Preserve the memories along with the gift. Use printable ornament memory record pages to keep the gift alive!

•Prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, baking desserts and salads ahead.

•Give thanks on Thanksgiving Day!

•Check in with family members at Thanksgiving celebrations. Ask for gift suggestions, and arrange to share or contribute to holiday meals.

•Begin interior and exterior decorating


  1. Spent the morning outside preparing the urns for the winter greens :) Took out the window candles and checking for needed replacement bulbs too :) Have a great new countdown week!

  2. Right on schedule! Love that it's getting closer every day!