Sunday, November 28, 2010


So, the tree is up and half decorated. I intentionally left the bottom half bare so my 20 month old can't get the ornaments. It saves us both from yelling and trouble. That doesn't keep him from trying to unplug the lights unfortunately.

I still need to fix the outside lights at some point this week.

I am happy to report that i'm almost finished with my shopping. I finished up all the main presents for the kids but still have some stocking stuffer items to grab. I also have to figure out what i'm getting my brother.

This week i'll mail out my Christmas cards and finish decorating the inside of the house. The elves will be here on Wednesday so I need to finalize plans for that. I need to find all three of them also.

Pictures to come......

Monday, November 22, 2010


This morning in the 35* weather, I went out and embarked on the putting up the Christmas lights journey. I hung one strand of icicle lights, which spanned the length of my porch, and 3 strands of colored lights, one on each column. When I finished and went to plug them in, I realized that I screwed up and put the icicle strand the wrong way. Even though everything is plugged into each other, I can't plug them in to the outlet because it's the same end. I got extension cords and all sorts of things to try to figure this out and so far nothing has worked. I will be checking Walmart for a same double ended adapter of some kind to try to make this work. Otherwise I will have to take them all down and start over. Go figure.

I did get the main tree in the house and put together yesterday. I got the lights on it but the kids and I haven't done the ornaments yet. We'll do those after school today. I also hung a strand of colored lights around the window behind the tree. Looks pretty good.

Christmas is coming.....are you ready?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas......

Ho Ho Ho! Welcome to Christmas 2010!

I have started decorating a little earlier this year since we'll be gone over Thanksgiving weekend. The kids decorated their room trees earlier this week and today I put up the kitchen tree (see picture in sidebar).

I whipped up my first batch of Sugar Cookie Dough for the season this morning and it's hanging out in the refrigerator. Later i'll start bringing in the pieces for the big tree and putting it together. Since Chad is deployed I have the daunting task of doing the lights by myself. I hate putting the lights on the tree. I suck at it. When we replace this tree, it will be for one with lights already on it, you can bet on that!

I've already sent Chad his present and his stocking is next to go. I've gotten a little shopping done but still have more to do, however with the kids in tow it's hard. Some things just can't be ordered online.

My Christmas cards for a swap i'm in are all ready to go, just waiting for after Thanksgiving to mail them. I need to get busy on the family and friend cards too. Finding my address book will be a challenge.

Have you started Christmas yet?