Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time to share those cookie recipes!

What is your all-time favorite cookie to eat during the holidays? What's your favorite to make?

I have more than one favorite i'm afraid, which is horrible for the waist line. My favorites are sugar cookies (decorated or not) and peanut blossoms. My favorite to make are the peanut blossoms. They aren't really difficult and there's no rolling and cutting out.

I'll be sharing all my favorite cookie recipes in the coming days!


  1. My all-time favorite is my mom's Christmas cookies, which were really my paternal grandmother's cookies, I think. They're just a generic sugar cookie but not too sweet. They brown really nicely and we always decorated them painstakingly with sprinkles and jimmies. My mom used the old set of Tupperware holiday cookie cutters. She still makes them, but I'm only back for Christmas every 2-3 years as we live across the country and have my inlaws we have to visit (across the country in the OTHER direction!) too.

    Sadly, I can't bake to save my life, so I don't make these cookies myself. I can cook, but baking seems to be beyond me!

  2. I have several cookies/candies listed on my
    from back in July with the Christmas in July postings.