Sunday, December 5, 2010

Food Gifts

I have started my baking marathon for food gifts. I'm not sure when the best time is to gift cookies and goodies but as my mom put it, if I do it this weekend i'll be the first because no one has probably baked yet so my gift receivers will have some goodies to tide them over until they bake.

Yesterday Addison and I whipped up our sugar cookie and gingerbread man dough to put in the refrigerator for a while to chill. Then I made a batch of peanut butter fudge. Last night I rolled, cut, decorated, and baked the doughs. I got finished around 10 p.m. Everything is packaged, i'm doing that as I go. I don't think everything i'm making is going to fit in the plastic tubs I bought. Luckily I found some pretty takeout type cartons that I can use for the overflow. I should rearrange everything and put cookies in one and candy type stuff in the other. Maybe I will, we'll see.

Today will be peanut butter balls, peppermint bark, and peanut blossom cookies. Do you notice a peanut butter theme going here? I can't help it, I love peanut butter and chocolate together and peanut butter fudge. I hope no one is allergic to peanut butter!

I know I said pictures were coming and I completely forgot so i'll work on getting those up.


  1. I love peanut butter cookies too. I will be handing out my treats on the 13th. So next weekend I will hold my baking marathon. I like to take a variety of treats to my co-workers. I also delivery a tin of treats to my neighbor and her son who lives in my building.

  2. I'm right there with you my friend. I love PB anyway I can get it! I made chocolate almond biscotti, regular pb's, white chocolate macademia, oatmeal raisin, toffee rounds and a chocolate toffee shortbread since yesterday. I think I'm done for the day - more this week.


  3. You are inspiring me to get off my butt and get some baking done!!

  4. You sure accomplish alot with 3 kids in tow!