Friday, December 2, 2011

Let the Holiday Fun Begin!!

It's been forever since I posted to this blog and I figured there's no better time to start back up than now.  We were out of town all last week visiting family.  We got home on Sunday and the trees went up on Monday.  Chad finished the outside lights two days ago and now we're set.  Well, except for the kids trees and those will go up this weekend. 

Chad and I got almost all of our gift shopping done yesterday for the kids.  We put Eli in daycare and went to Topeka and shopped by ourselves and had lunch, so nice!  I still have to do stocking stuffers and maybe a couple more gifts but we are well on our way. 

I have my baking list ready and my Christmas dinner list ready as well.  Now I just need to shop for them.  I will do two baking sessions, at least.  One next week at some point and one the 23rd right before Christmas so Santa can have fresh cookies.  The first session I will gift alot of what I make while the second session will be just for us.   

How is your Christmas prep going? 

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