Monday, November 22, 2010


This morning in the 35* weather, I went out and embarked on the putting up the Christmas lights journey. I hung one strand of icicle lights, which spanned the length of my porch, and 3 strands of colored lights, one on each column. When I finished and went to plug them in, I realized that I screwed up and put the icicle strand the wrong way. Even though everything is plugged into each other, I can't plug them in to the outlet because it's the same end. I got extension cords and all sorts of things to try to figure this out and so far nothing has worked. I will be checking Walmart for a same double ended adapter of some kind to try to make this work. Otherwise I will have to take them all down and start over. Go figure.

I did get the main tree in the house and put together yesterday. I got the lights on it but the kids and I haven't done the ornaments yet. We'll do those after school today. I also hung a strand of colored lights around the window behind the tree. Looks pretty good.

Christmas is coming.....are you ready?

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  1. Don't you hate when that happens!! I've done that too and so has a friend of mine and the only thing I could do was start over and so did she! Getting ready for Christmas is so much work. We just decorated the outside of our house and it's a miracle that we were able to connect everything together to make it all light up! Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!