Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Awesome Websites

There is a cute website called Snow Ball Blast where you can create your own snowball fight. You simply register and then start a game and invite all your friends through email. You pick hiding spots and then when the game starts you get to throw 5 snowballs a day. Once you get hit 3 times you are out of the game. The last person standing wins!

Another awesome website is Magical Holiday Home. There are many, many other Christmas lovers at this site and they all have such great ideas to share. But it's more like a home on the net to be quite honest. I consider all the people there great friends even though we've never met in "real" life. It's not only about the holidays either, there is a daily thread to discuss your plans for the day and then how your day went or give updates throughout the day. There's never a dull moment and always lots of posts to read and enjoy!

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