Friday, July 17, 2009

Christmas Plans

Just in case you aren't aware there are several holiday plans out there that you can follow to make your holidays more organized and less stressful on yourself. You can find them at

There is the Holiday Grand Plan which usually begins the last week of August I believe. You can find all the details here. There is also the Houseworks Holiday Plan which is an 18 week plan.

Another one is the Christmas Countdown. This one begins in October and takes you to Christmas. It is a 6 week plan that focuses on all the necessary steps involved in your Christmas planning. Each week has a different purpose. I have personally followed this plan and find it extremely helpful in accomplishing all my holiday prep.

Also on the Organized Christmas website is information and free printable forms to make your own Christmas Notebook to store gift lists, ideas, plans, budget info, etc. Check it out!!


  1. I use the 6 week plan and ave been posting about it at The Old Parsonage.

    Stop by if you have the time, I love company!


  2. Can I be added? My Blog is called "Love of Christmas"